Meeting Point

A space for conversation, exchange of ideas and reflections on the experience of each one in relation to blackness, aiming at a better strengthening of identity. Limit of vacancies: 20.


Workshop Constelações Familiares

Familiar Systemic Constellation is a psychotherapeutic method with a philosophical and phenomenological background, developed by the German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger (1925).

It seeks to unravel the bonds of destinies that involve family members over generations, giving the person the possibility to recognize repetitive patterns of behavior, sometimes hidden, and considers possible connections with illnesses and traumas revealing new possibilities of change.

His technical approach leads to enlightening effects in the field of human relationships, such as overcoming blockages in professional and personal development.



3 BIOS - Annual Meeting (in December) of the Neoreichian Schools Bioenergetics, Biosynthesis and Biodynamics.

Learn more on the website of the Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis of São Paulo - IABSP

Theoretical-Experiential Course: Psychology and Racial Relations

Objective: to offer the student access to knowledge that enables understanding and intervention in the intra / interpsychic, group and institutional processes aiming at confronting internal and institutional racism.

Public: psychologists and other professionals who work in mental health.

Carga Horária: 80 horas.

Registration closed - 2018.

24th International Conference on Bioenergetics [happened]

Reflecting the Past, Looking to the Future; Essence and Growth in Bioenergetic Analysis

It happened on the days: May 24 to 28, 2017 - CANADA - Toronto.

Participation with the lecture: "The Racial Question and the Future of Bioenergetics"

Access: "The Racial Question and the Future of Bioenergetics"

Winner of Social Work presented at the 24th IIBA International Congress in Bioenergetics:


Pôster apresentado na conferência