The definition for PSYCHOTHERAPY comes from the Greek words psykhē (psyche, soul, mind) and therapeuein (heal, cure). It aim is to provide mental health and balance for interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

Offered treatments:


Alexander Lower
Alexander Lowen
Founder of Bioenergetics

Amongst all contemporary neo-Reichian therapy schools, Bioenergetics – founded by Alexander Lowen –, rests on the grounding concept, that is: having the person get in touch with reality, with the ground they step on (environment), their body, sexuality and emotions

Grounding is not possible if your breathing, eye contact, vocal and body expressions are not good. Standing on your own feet is a sign of autonomy and maturity. Emotional health is the ability to accept reality and not run away from it. Our base reality is our body organized.



David Boadella
David Boadella
founder of Biosynthesis

Biosynthesis means integration of life. It is a kind of body oriented therapy that consists in integrating acting, feelings and thinking in order to find out one’s own essence.

The leading concept of Biosynthesis is the presence of three main energetic streams, called lifestreams, flowing in the body and connected to three primary embryological germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm) from which various organic systems are formed.

uch streams comes out as a flow of movements throughout the muscular sheath (perception, thoughts and images), that run through the neurosensory system.

In Biosynthesis, therapeutic reintegration is about unblocking breathing and emotion centers (centering); regaining muscular tonus and postural integration (grounding); and experience in linking organizing, through eye CONTACT and verbal communication (facing).

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is a very wide concept that embraces mental health since childhood years until late adulthood. Addresses emotional disturbances, learning difficulties, drug addictions etc.

Sessions duration and frequency will vary from person to person.