Brazilian Biosynthesis Institute in São Paulo

David Boadella was Born in July, 6, 1931, in London. He graduated in Embryology and Neuropsychology from Open University and has a Master Degree in Education.

His interest in the human body began back in 1952 when he was introduced to the work of Wilhelm Reich. And that was when he started his researches on body and emotion.

By the end of 1960’s, two developing models emerged from the Reichian work: Gerda Boyesen Biodynamic Psychology, in Oslo; and Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos Bioenergetic Analysis, in New York. Boadella actively took part in those fields, either as a researcher and a therapist.

His therapeutic approach, throughout the years, has been influenced by his personal experience, such as the birth of his kids, the thought of Reichian followers and also professionals, related to embryology and intrauterine life.

The most important professional influence was Stanley Keleman, who read the unique qualities of a person and started to study Emotional Anatomy. Another one was the psychoanalyst Francis Mott in his prenatal and perinatal studies. The name Biosynthesis was first used by him. Mott’s work has been expanded and developed by Frank Lake in England. Lake researched prenatal psychology and primal integration.

During the 1970’s, David starts to develop the theoretical approach of Biosynthesis, that means integration of life. Integration of three primary embryological germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm).

Boadella develops a psychotherapeutic work that deals with rebalance, organization and integration, concerning physics, emotion and spirit, harmonizing three embryonic layers: ectoderm (mind and reason), endoderm (feelings and guts) and mesoderm (action/muscles and bones).

Even organisms that have no brain tissue or nervous system are sensitive to the environment and have influence upon it. In primal embryonic stages, there are deep experiences that will remain recorded in the memories of the developing body. Therefore, Biosynthesis comprehends humans since their conception.

Thus, those are the three areas of the human being experience and expression that will keep records until death.

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